A Doctor Reflects on Medical Mistakes

Doctor frustrated by medical mistakes

As a medical professional watching all of the headlines concerning hospital infections and medical mistakes in hospitals, it has to make you hyper-conscious about your own risk of error. One doctor, in penning an editorial for Fox News, found that although he had never made a major mistake, he was in the midst of them quite often.

The doctor, whose name is never mentioned, says he is both a practicing physician and an executive in the medical industry. He says the magnitude of hospital and physician mistakes really came to his attention when his own father had to have cataract surgery.

Sure, you can read news stories all day about mishaps and mayhem in hospitals, but there’s nothing quite as sobering as when it affects you personally.

The doctor’s father experienced blunder after blunder throughout the period leading up to his surgery and afterward. While none of the mistakes ended up causing him harm, any one of them could have.

The doctor relays that he witnessed “at least 10 different mistakes” in his father’s treatment.

It began with a machine malfunction that sent his father to another doctor’s office. When he arrived, the new office had no knowledge of his father’s condition and instead focused his appointment on an unrelated diagnosis.

Then, the surgery had to be rescheduled because his father ate breakfast on the morning of his operation simply because no one had advised him not to. Other mistakes included: wrong application instructions on his eye drops, an IV being inserted without the nurse washing her hands or wearing gloves, a misplaced surgeon’s consent form, and more.

The doctor witnessed everything from filthy hospital bathrooms to poor bedside manners. And while none of the mistakes or practices hurt his father, there’s no telling how similar mistakes might affect the next person.

When we receive medical treatment, especially for a surgery, we encounter numerous professions at multiple facilities. Any one of these interactions could lead to tragedy. A medical mistake could be as simple as transposing two numbers on your prescription dosage instructions or as major as operating on the wrong body part.

If you have been the victim of a medical mistake, which as a direct result of that mistake, has resulted in a significant injury, then you may want to consider investigating the claim.

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