Injured On a Commercial Construction Site?

One of the most dangerous jobs in the United States is that of a construction worker. A construction worker may be an ironworker, a hod carrier, a carpenter, a laborer, a electrician, or a variety of other skilled and unskilled positions. The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) governs the rules and regulations for safety on all construction sites in the United States. Indiana also has its own division of occupational safety and health (IOSHA) which in addition to OSHA also oversees safety on construction sites in the State of Indiana. However, compliance with safety regulations on a construction site is often left to the subcontractor, whose main focus may be keeping to a construction schedule and saving money rather than the safety and health of its employees. As a result, corners are cut, safety regulations are violated, and construction workers suffer permanently disabling personal injuries or are killed.

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