How to Select a Personal Injury Lawyer, Part 1

With all of the competing claims by lawyers through websites, direct mail solicitations, and television and radio advertising how is a person with no prior contact with the legal profession suppose to pick an attorney when they have questions because they or a family member has been injured? First, it is important for you to try and recognize what type of claim you may have because the type of claim may dictate the type of lawyer you want to speak with. For example, if you believe you may have a medical malpractice claim then you certainly want a lawyer who has experience litigating medical malpractice cases, including actual, successful, trial experience. That is particularly important in medical malpractice claims because they are some of the most difficult injury cases to handle as an attorney and there are very few attorneys in Indiana who have litigation experience representing victims of malpractice. A personal injury lawyer should have experience handling personal injury claims.

Injured patients and their families need solid legal guidance after a serious medical error. At the Law Office of Kelley J. Johnson, we listen attentively to our clients’ questions and concerns. Our goal is to help them move forward after devastating, even fatal medical errors.